Directory of Walk In Clinics
USA and Canada is a directory of walk in medical clinics throughout the United States and Canada. This walk in clinic directory shall include medical walk in clinics, walk in dental clinics, walk in urgent care clinics, walk in retail clinics, walk in chiropractor clinics, walk in pain clinics and walk in acupuncture clinics.

Click on links on this page and search the city for walk in clinics near you.

Walk in medical clinics are designed to be convenient and quick. No appointments are required at walk in medical clinics. Many offer after hours care when other medical offices are usually closed.

Services offered at walk in medical clinics and hours of operation varies from one walk in medical clinic to another. It is best to contact the listed walk in medical clinic at the number provided in the directory to learn what services are offered, payment options and hours of operation. Click links on this page to search for walk in clinics near you.

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